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EdRuption offers a full digital audit to help you take charge of your school’s digital landscape. With this audit, you can align your school’s strengths and areas for development with your development plans, stay ahead of the competition, and streamline communication with stakeholders. Trust us to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to confidently lead your school into the digital age.​

Our confident approach to digital strategy will empower you to strategically allocate your budgets, ensuring your school’s unique needs are met with efficient outcomes. With a focus on Digital Governance & Policy, Teaching & Learning, and Digital Safeguarding, your school will have the tools needed to thrive in this digital age. Trust in our approach and experience the benefits of a streamlined, effective digital strategy that will enhance your school’s learning environment and support your educators.​

EdRuption’s workshops integrate EdTech for academic success. Our experienced team provides guidance and resources for seamless curriculum integration. Together, let’s create a better future for next generations

EdRuption recognises the need for champions supporting collaboration in education. Our approach extends beyond the classroom and includes tailored learning experiences, policy development workshops & parental engagement.

With you every step of the way

We will partner with you to seamlessly guide you from conception to completion, unlocking the transformative power of technology.


Create your Vision

In today's digital world, businesses must embrace transformation to thrive. We'll help you define your digital goals.


Develop your strategy

We'll create a roadmap that transforms your vision into actionable steps, aligning with your business objectives.


Optimise your Environment

We'll seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies into operations, maximising efficiency and engagement.

The-Digital-Ecosystem-book written by Philippa Wraithmell founder of EdRuption consultancy.



Understanding where we are, in a world living with Covid means understanding the skills, tools and dispositions we have towards technology and our interconnections. Philippa’s book tackles this from an aerial perspective then hands you practical ways to get your tech on – and do it right. This book is exactly what teachers need now. Buy it! 

Nic Ponsford, CEO of the Global Equality Collective

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CPJO General Training, Dubai.

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